Anti Filter Freegate - Triton Sand Filter Parts - Pur Water Filter Canada


Anti Filter Freegate - Triton Sand Filter Parts - Pur Water Filter Canada

Anti Filter Freegate

anti filter freegate

anti filter freegate - Phn mm

Phn mm min phí: Opera, NukeViet, Skype, EMule, Torrent, PHPBB, Google Talk, Little Fighter 2, Yahoo! Messenger, Freegate, 7-Zip, Dev-C++ (Vietnamese Edition)

Phn mm min phí: Opera, NukeViet, Skype, EMule, Torrent, PHPBB, Google Talk, Little Fighter 2, Yahoo! Messenger, Freegate, 7-Zip, Dev-C++ (Vietnamese Edition)

Ngu?n: Wikipedia. Cac trang: 32. Chuong: Opera, NukeViet, Skype, EMule, ?Torrent, PHPBB, Google Talk, Little Fighter 2, Yahoo! Messenger, Freegate, 7-Zip, Dev-C++, Drupal, CCleaner, D32, Opera Mini, IrfanView, MathTool, Spybot S&D, WinShell, Hamachi, A9CAD, Wink, Google Pack. Trich: Opera la m?t b? ph?n m?m Internet di?u khi?n cac tac v? lien quan d?n Internet bao g?m duy?t web, g?i va nh?n thu di?n t?, tin nh?n, qu?n ly danh sach lien h? (ti?ng Anh: contacts) va tro chuy?n tr?c tuy?n. Opera du?c phat tri?n b?i cong ty ph?n m?m Opera Software, tr? s? chinh d?t t?i th? do Oslo c?a Na Uy. No co th? ch?y tren r?t nhi?u h? di?u hanh khac nhau, bao g?m Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris, FreeBSD va Linux v?i dung lu?ng chua d?n 9MB. No cung du?c s? d?ng trong di?n tho?i di d?ng, di?n tho?i thong minh, thi?t b? tr? giup ca nhan s? (Personal Digital Assistant, PDA), thi?t b? tro choi c?m tay va ti vi tuong tac. Cong ngh? c?a Opera cung du?c c?p phep cho cac cong ty khac s? d?ng nhu Adobe Creative Suite. Phien b?n cho may tinh d? ban c?a Opera hi?n nay la mi?n phi (free of charge). Opera du?c b?t d?u phat tri?n vao nam 1994 trong m?t d? an nghien c?u c?a Telenor, m?t cong ty truy?n thong l?n nh?t Na Uy. Nam 1995 d? an tren tach ra thanh l?p m?t cong ty d?c l?p v?i Telenor ten la Opera Software ASA. Cac phien b?n 2.0 c?a trinh duy?t Opera tr? v? tru?c du?c d?t ten la MultiTorg Opera va chua du?c ph? bi?n cong khai - tuy nhien tai li?u tr?c tuy?n c?a no co th? xem du?c t?i H?i ngh? Qu?c t? III WWW vao nam 1995 (The Third International WWW Conference). Vao th?i di?m do Opera du?c bi?t d?n do co giao di?n da tai li?u (multiple document interface - MDI), m?t danh sach nong (sidebar) giup cho vi?c duy?t web cung m?t luc nhi?u trang d? dang hon va la trinh duy?t d?u tien tich h?p ch?t ch? v?i chu?n W3C. Trong b? Opera, ngoai ch?c nang trinh duy?t con co m?t trinh qu?n ly thu di?n t? Opera Mail client tich h?p s?n, trong cac phien b?n b? Opera tru?c trinh qu?n ly thu di?n t? con co ten...

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Chinese Police Sell Anti-Censorship Software

Chinese Police Sell Anti-Censorship Software

The Epoch Times has learned that police in China’s Guangdong Province have been selling anti-Internet censorship software for profit, opening yet another, though unexpected, channel to promote Internet freedom to the Chinese people.

The Chinese authorities’ Internet repression is considered the most extensive and advanced in the world. The regime not only blocks Web site content, but also monitors the Internet access of individuals. Amnesty International notes that China has the world’s largest recorded number of cyber-dissidents.

The key to breaking through the censorship in repressive regimes and helping the millions of people living in closed societies who wish to gain freedom of information, is developing Internet anti-censorship tools.

The most popular anti-censorship products, free of charge, are UltraSurf, FreeGate, GTunnel, FirePhoenix and GPass, developed by the Global Internet Freedom Consortium (GIFC), an alliance of several leading organizations specializing in developing and deploying anti-censorship technologies.

These five different tools allow millions of Internet users inside repressive societies, including China, to safely communicate online, and to access websites on human rights, democracy and other topics of interest.

GIFC’s anti-blocking software has become one of the most widely used channels for people who live in closed societies to communicate with the free world.

According to GIFC, currently these five tools accommodate an estimated 95 percent of the total anti-censorship traffic in closed societies around the world, and are used daily by millions of users.

One Internet user, nicknamed Chen Xin, told The Epoch Times that even the local police found the blockade-busting software to be a good business opportunity. One businessman who was selling anti-censorship software on the street was warned to watch out for the cops, but he admitted that he was a policeman.

“This ironic scene is not uncommon in China,” said Chen, “It happens in other cities too.”

Chinese Web users expressed their gratitude towards the software developing companies in messages such as: “I would be dying inside without the anti-blockage software,” “With your help, we now have eyes and ears,” “I’ve been using UltraSurf for five years. I can't live without it.”

“I thank all of the participants who have made visiting blocked websites possible. I believe all people who live under this totalitarian regime need your products and support services,” writes one happy software user. “I wish FreeGate could be installed on every computer in China.”

FreeGate was initially released in only Chinese and English versions. As the software became more popular in other countries, other versions such as a Burmese version were added. In July last year, a Farsi version was released to meet the increasing demand of the Iranian people

chinese version here :
????8?11???(?????????)????????????????“?????????”(Global Internet Freedom Consortium,GIFC)?????????????????,????????????????????????,?????“??”??????



?????? “??”????










?????? ???????














Idea!s and Censorship

Idea!s and Censorship

For my reverse lens macro experimentation with sony P&S and 50mm nikkor

By the way
I shifted to Linux
Made "wine" isntallable by resolving dependencies (the normal installation is hurdled by university by blocking the .gz filetype.. so i had to go for manual version right from first day of linux)
Searched for the anonymity software supporting user authentication on LANs.(Found FreeGate. Yelled hurray!)
Made freegate istallable via wine by adding newer versions of MFC42.dll to wine's system32 (it previously didnt intialized, showing some missing part in .dll)

I did all this struggle to bust university's imposed censorship on my dearest site:

They can not stop us from doing something good they dont know. Even this pic adds to the popularity of university (in free. and they return by blocking; how ironic)

Photostream must go on.

anti filter freegate

anti filter freegate

The First Years Hands Free Gate Extension

The First Years Hands-Free Gate Extension The First Years Hands-Free Gate Extension makes your Hands Free Gate more versatile. Each extension adds up to 5 inches to the gate. Do no use more than two extensions with each gate.

Many homes feature a potentially troubling combination: curious toddlers plus doorways too wide for standard gates. This extension unit is designed for use with other First Years gates, and can be used to cover areas that gates can’t reach. The set includes one five-inch extender unit, which, once installed, is immobile, allowing the gate to open and shut between them or between an extender and the wall. --John Moe

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Aprilaire Furnace Filters : Briggs Stratton Oil Filter Cross Reference : Suction Line Filter Drier.

Aprilaire Furnace Filters

aprilaire furnace filters

aprilaire furnace filters - 20 x

20 x 25 x 6 Merv 11 Aprilaire Repl Filter (2 Pack) - Free Shipping!

20 x 25 x 6 Merv 11 Aprilaire Repl Filter (2 Pack) - Free Shipping!

Clear The Air's Aprilaire "Space-Gard" Merv 11 replacement filters effectively remove 91% of airborne particles. Our Merv 11 filter eliminates allergens such as dust mites, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, dust, and smog. Our advanced pleat technology provides less air flow resistance, with higher efficiency and lower pressure drop allowing air-handling systems to stay cleaner and operate more efficiently. This filter is Ideal for allergy sufferers.Clear The Air's Aprilaire 'Space-Gard" Merv 11 filters are available in 2 sizes to replace SpaceGard models 2200 / 2250 / 2250. Please see the technical specs of you are unsure of the size you needClear The Air replacement Aprilaire filters are electrostatically charged 100% synthetic graduated density media is continuously bonded to a 30 gauge galvanized, corrosion resistant, expanded metal support grid with an effective open area of 96%. The media is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, does not absorb moisture and will not support microbial growth.The controlled pleat spacing maximizes surface area and dust holding capacity and is bonded to the enclosure frame to prevent dust bypass. The enclosure frame is constructed of high wet strength moisture resistant beverage board. The diagonal support members of the frame are bonded to the entering and exiting apexes of each pleat to prevent pleat collapse and filter bowing.*These filters are not manufacturered by Aprilaire but perform at or above the original OEM performance specification.

85% (11)

Installing a central humidifier. All done!

Installing a central humidifier.  All done!

Looks like I connected everything properly. It's too humid tonight 63% - to see if it REALLY works. We should have another dry day soon as east San Diego county IS a desert, after all.

The "Brown eyes rule" (Angie has beautiful brown eyes) message displayed at the bottom is my hacking of the thermostat. (normally this would display the zone name for a multi-zone HVAC system.

Installing a central humidifier. Part 6

Installing a central humidifier.   Part 6

Unit is installed on the plenum. Now I need to connect the wiring, drain line, and hot water supply line.

aprilaire furnace filters

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Brew Rite Commercial Coffee Filters

brew rite commercial coffee filters

brew rite commercial coffee filters - Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach 40540 Brew Station 40-Cup Coffee Urn, Silver

Hamilton Beach 40540 Brew Station 40-Cup Coffee Urn, Silver

The Hamilton Beach® BrewStation® 40 Cup urn offers one-hand dispensing, so there is no need to put down a buffet or party plate to fill up a cup of coffee. In a busy buffet line, that means cups can be filled faster, saving time and reducing crowding. Disposable cups are never a problem, either - the dispensing button was designed to work with foam as well as classic ceramic cups. For added convenience, the dispensing area has a higher cup clearance than most urns and the drip tray removes for easy cleaning. The last drops of a 40-cup coffee urn have rarely tasted as good until now. In the BrewStation® urn, a powerful center heater brews the entire tank quickly (45 seconds per cup versus the normal 60 seconds). Once brewed, the center heater shuts down and a gentle, keep-warm heater maintains a perfect temperature without scorching the coffee. Coffee tastes great longer, from the first cup to the last.

82% (5)

Commercial Coffee House, corner of Milk & Batterymarch Sts. Boston. Levi Whitney, proprietor

Commercial Coffee House, corner of Milk & Batterymarch Sts. Boston. Levi Whitney, proprietor

File name: 08_02_003831

Box label: Commercial buildings: A-F

Title: Commercial Coffee House, corner of Milk & Batterymarch Sts. Boston. Levi Whitney, proprietor

Alternative title:

Creator/Contributor: Lane & Scott's Lith. (lithographer)

Date issued:

Date created: 1840 - 1847 (approximate)

Physical description: 1 photomechanical print ; 12 x 14 1/2 in.

Genre: Photomechanical prints

Subjects: Commercial facilities; Buildings; Coffeehouses

Notes: Additional information on item verso: Photographic reproduction of a lithograph made between 1840-1847 by Lane & Scott's Lith., Boston.


Statement of responsibility: Lane & Scott's Lith. Tremont Temple, Boston

Location: Boston Public Library, Print Department

Rights: Rights status not evaluated.

2 Burner Commercial Coffee Brewing Station 001

2 Burner Commercial Coffee Brewing Station 001

2 Burner Commercial Coffee Brewing Machine: This unit has a direct connect to a water source and runs on 220 power. It appears to be in good condition and was donated by someone who had planned to open a pizza/sub shop but never ending up getting to it. ($100)

brew rite commercial coffee filters

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Cascade 1000 canister filter reviews - Mobil 1 filter cross reference.

Cascade 1000 Canister Filter Reviews

cascade 1000 canister filter reviews

cascade 1000 canister filter reviews - Alfa 1000mW

Alfa 1000mW 1W 802.11b/g USB Wireless WiFi Network Adapter With Original Alfa Screw-On Swivel 9dBi Rubber Antenna

Alfa 1000mW 1W 802.11b/g USB Wireless WiFi Network Adapter With Original Alfa Screw-On Swivel 9dBi Rubber Antenna

The Alfa AWUS036H is the latest version of the most powerful card available. This has a stunning 1000mW output power. So if you are looking for a device to connect to an outdoor 2.4 GHz antenna, such as on a boat or an RV, this is a perfect solution. It outperforms wireless cards that are built in to newer laptops. Adding this to your laptop or desktop computer will enhance range and signal quality at longer distances. And works with Win98SE/200/ME/XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux (kernel 2.6.6 and later) and Macintosh (OS version 10.4). And the necessary drivers for ALL of these operating systems are included on CD-ROM

* Connects at a full 54Mbps via USB 2.0, up to 8 times faster than a USB 1.1 adapter
* High gain upgradeable
* Compact size for greater flexibility
* Also compatible with USB 1.1 desktop and notebook computers
* Plug-and-Play Compatible with windows 98SE, 2000, Millennium, XP and Linux
* High security 64/128/256bit WEP Encryption, TKIP, WPA, 802.11

Data Rate 802.11b: UP to 11Mbps, 802.11g: 54Mbps
Antenna Type 1 x 2.4Ghz SMA connector
Chipset Realtek 8187L
Output Power 24dBm (OFDM), 30dBm(CCK)
Frequency Stability within +25 ppm
Data Modulation Type BPSK,QPSK, CCK and OFDM
Security WEP 64/128, 802.1X support, Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), WPA-PSK ,WPA II .
Dimensions 8.5 x 2.2 x 6.3cm
Weight 38.5g

For MAC OS 10.6.7 and later version, we suggest AWUS036NHR, AWUS036NH, WUS036NEH, AWUS051NH.

82% (18)



Cascades waterfall near the Blue Ridge Parkway on a rainy day - the dreary weather was perfect for slow shutter speed.



Cascades above the gorge at Snow Falls, West Paris, ME.

cascade 1000 canister filter reviews

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Ceiling Filter Media

ceiling filter media

ceiling filter media - Honeywell F114A1067

Honeywell F114A1067 Commercial Ceiling-Mounted Media Air Cleaner with 2 HEPA Filters

Honeywell F114A1067 Commercial Ceiling-Mounted Media Air Cleaner with 2 HEPA Filters

A high-performance surface-mounted air cleaner, the compact F114 extends only 10 inches from any ceiling. You'll find this hard-working unit in offices, day care centers, photo labs and break rooms, and service couldn't be easier. The cover snaps off easily for quick access to the prefilters, media filters, and sorbent media. The F114A1067 uses direct-drive, forward curve blowers/motors that deliver up to 325 CFM. Comes with (2) 99.97% HEPA filters that are more efficient on particles larger and smaller than 0.3 micron. Prefilter included. Light-colored cover complements most ceiling finishes. Electrical rating of 120V, 60 Hz. Features two-speed on/off switch.

87% (17)

No longer alone...

No longer alone...

Nikon D700 + Nikkor 35-70mm, Handheld @6400ISO.

This was a moving projection from ceiling to floor, shot onto a light flooded wall through a kind of fine vertically corded screen, through which a wind machine was blowing. So the composition is me and the camera, choosing one moment, one boundary and one bit of the available sequence.


Shame on me. I had never been to Trieste nor had I heard of Magris or any of his writing.

He succeeded in his aim to make me address both in the future.

An accidental discovery, ventured into after emerging from the photography exhibition by Gervasio Sanchez.. Magris has (with his curators) put together a perfect antidote to that incredibly powerful exhibition, but without undermining either of them. No mean achievement. This was a wonderful, over the top, at times whimsical, often eccentric exhibition, but it didn't shy away from some of the more darker aspects of the history of Trieste.

Whilst I've learned something about a city and a writer that I didn't know much about, I've also experienced an exhibition that was truly multi-layered. Using moving images, projections, light boxes, audio material, installations in entire rooms (the River Danube for instance!), wind machines, photography, scrapbook style information and so on, Magris illustrates beautifully why it helps to not always get stuffy about gallery exhibitions, but to make them engaging, quirky and somewhat disarming through a variety of media.

Hello Kitty Cupcakes IV

Hello Kitty Cupcakes IV

Nikon D80 with Nikkor 24mm f2.8 AI lens (manual focus) and 81A filter. JPEG normal, medium (5MP) resolution.

Strobist info: foamcore white box area with SB-600 shooting up into silver umbrella behind and SB-26 shooting up at foamcore "ceiling" through diffuser in front. SB-600 triggered by ethernet cable-extended TTL cord. SB-26 in optical slave mode.

Hello Kitty wanted to show off her new cupcakes!

ceiling filter media

ceiling filter media

Honeywell F111A1063W-3S Commercial Ceiling-Mount HEPA-Media Air Cleaner, White

Designed for drop ceilings, the F111 semiflush-mounted air cleaner fits neatly in the space occupied by a two by four foot ceiling panel. With only 4 and a half inches of the unit visible, and a white grille that matches typical overhead fixtures, it blends right in. (A black lid is available for darker ceilings.) The F111 removes airborne particles such as dust, soot , and some cooking smoke from the air circulated through the filter. You'll find the F111 deployed in spaces where particle counts are typically high and odors are a part of doing business - offices, bingo halls, restaurants, computer rooms, medical clinics, beauty shops, print shops and funeral homes, just to name a few. The F111 uses a three speed, direct-drive, forward curve blower motor with a high efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filter that provides high-efficiency removal of particulates. The 99.97% HEPA filter is the primary filter used with this unit. Circulates 1000 CFM, provides Coanda airflow distribution, available in white or black cover to complement ceiling color, 120V, 60 Hz, includes prefilter and three speed control switch.

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