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Ceiling Filter Media

ceiling filter media

ceiling filter media - Honeywell F114A1067

Honeywell F114A1067 Commercial Ceiling-Mounted Media Air Cleaner with 2 HEPA Filters

Honeywell F114A1067 Commercial Ceiling-Mounted Media Air Cleaner with 2 HEPA Filters

A high-performance surface-mounted air cleaner, the compact F114 extends only 10 inches from any ceiling. You'll find this hard-working unit in offices, day care centers, photo labs and break rooms, and service couldn't be easier. The cover snaps off easily for quick access to the prefilters, media filters, and sorbent media. The F114A1067 uses direct-drive, forward curve blowers/motors that deliver up to 325 CFM. Comes with (2) 99.97% HEPA filters that are more efficient on particles larger and smaller than 0.3 micron. Prefilter included. Light-colored cover complements most ceiling finishes. Electrical rating of 120V, 60 Hz. Features two-speed on/off switch.

87% (17)

No longer alone...

No longer alone...

Nikon D700 + Nikkor 35-70mm, Handheld @6400ISO.

This was a moving projection from ceiling to floor, shot onto a light flooded wall through a kind of fine vertically corded screen, through which a wind machine was blowing. So the composition is me and the camera, choosing one moment, one boundary and one bit of the available sequence.


Shame on me. I had never been to Trieste nor had I heard of Magris or any of his writing.

He succeeded in his aim to make me address both in the future.

An accidental discovery, ventured into after emerging from the photography exhibition by Gervasio Sanchez.. Magris has (with his curators) put together a perfect antidote to that incredibly powerful exhibition, but without undermining either of them. No mean achievement. This was a wonderful, over the top, at times whimsical, often eccentric exhibition, but it didn't shy away from some of the more darker aspects of the history of Trieste.

Whilst I've learned something about a city and a writer that I didn't know much about, I've also experienced an exhibition that was truly multi-layered. Using moving images, projections, light boxes, audio material, installations in entire rooms (the River Danube for instance!), wind machines, photography, scrapbook style information and so on, Magris illustrates beautifully why it helps to not always get stuffy about gallery exhibitions, but to make them engaging, quirky and somewhat disarming through a variety of media.

Hello Kitty Cupcakes IV

Hello Kitty Cupcakes IV

Nikon D80 with Nikkor 24mm f2.8 AI lens (manual focus) and 81A filter. JPEG normal, medium (5MP) resolution.

Strobist info: foamcore white box area with SB-600 shooting up into silver umbrella behind and SB-26 shooting up at foamcore "ceiling" through diffuser in front. SB-600 triggered by ethernet cable-extended TTL cord. SB-26 in optical slave mode.

Hello Kitty wanted to show off her new cupcakes!

ceiling filter media

ceiling filter media

Honeywell F111A1063W-3S Commercial Ceiling-Mount HEPA-Media Air Cleaner, White

Designed for drop ceilings, the F111 semiflush-mounted air cleaner fits neatly in the space occupied by a two by four foot ceiling panel. With only 4 and a half inches of the unit visible, and a white grille that matches typical overhead fixtures, it blends right in. (A black lid is available for darker ceilings.) The F111 removes airborne particles such as dust, soot , and some cooking smoke from the air circulated through the filter. You'll find the F111 deployed in spaces where particle counts are typically high and odors are a part of doing business - offices, bingo halls, restaurants, computer rooms, medical clinics, beauty shops, print shops and funeral homes, just to name a few. The F111 uses a three speed, direct-drive, forward curve blower motor with a high efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filter that provides high-efficiency removal of particulates. The 99.97% HEPA filter is the primary filter used with this unit. Circulates 1000 CFM, provides Coanda airflow distribution, available in white or black cover to complement ceiling color, 120V, 60 Hz, includes prefilter and three speed control switch.

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